oZ. is a performance arts, film, and music production company. Since 2008 we have been working in the Brazilian arts and culture industry, with the emphasis on cultural exchange. Our artistic projects promote a language that is constantly in creation, searching for new ideas and meanings, also promoting the enrichment of a contemporary and universal identity by allowing for the possibility of different truths, ideas, feelings, and sensations to coexist on one same stage, creating opportunities to explore different and new media, providing platforms where upcoming talents and established artists may dialogue, learning from each other, and exploring the mechanisms that contemporary language has to offer us.


01_jonas  Founding partner for oZ., a multidisciplinary arts and culture production company founded in 2008. Jonas works with performance arts, music, visual arts, fashion, and film. Besides director to the company and producer to every project produced and coproduced by oZ., he also works as a theatre director and playwright, also translating and adapting theatre and music. Producer and coproducer for projects with critical and public success such as “Hedwig e o centímetro enfurecido” (Hedwig and the Angry Inch”), “Inverno da luz vermelha” (Red Light Winter), “As mulheres de Grey Gardens” (Grey Gardens the musical), “O desaparecimento do elefante” (The Elephant Vanishes and other stories), “Vampiras lésbicas de Sodoma” (Vampire Lesbians of Sodom), “Mondo Machete”, “Eija-Liisa Ahtila”, “Dussek veste Machete”, “O teatro de sombras de Ofélia” (Ophelia’s Shadow Theatre), among others.

02_cristiane  Specialist in film. Worked for 12 years with Pedro Rovai, managing film projects such as “Tainá 2 – A Aventura Continua” and “Tainá 3 – A Origem”, besides “Qualquer Gasto Vira-Lata” and coordinated the development crew for “O Outro Lado do Paraíso”. At oZ. Cristiane manages projects and offers consultancy for several other production companies such as Sincrocine, Tiete Produções, Cinelândia do Brasil, Caipirinha Filmes, Olhar Feminino, Made for TV, Aiupa Produções, Pipa Distribuidora, Videoforum, CDB, Mercurio Produções, H2O Distribuidora etc, and longer term assistance for Planet Pop, by Guto Barra and Tathi Issa, producers of “Dzi Croquettes”, by coordinating and accompanying the development of their future projects.




Past Productions

2018 – coproduction of the first big exhibit in Brazil for the Belgian artist Chantal Akerman, who passed away in 2015 at 65 years of age. She is internationally acclaimed as one the best contemporary filmmakers. In partnership with Cisma Produções. At Oi Futuro Flamengo.

2016 – production of the theatrical play O teatro de sombras de Ofélia (Ophelias Schattentheater), based on the short story by Michael Ende, directed and adapted by Jonas Klabin.

2015 – production of the music and dance event, Dance Rocinha!, with participation of musicians Silvia Machete, Evandro Mesquita and Blitz.

2015 – production of the musical theatre Mondo Machete, starring Silvia Machete, directed by Cesar Augusto and text by Filipe Miguez. Nominated for best production at the Prêmio APTR. www.silviamachete.com.br 

2015 – creative co-direction for the catalogue of the campaign Asas do Desejo of beachwear fashion by Estúdio Marta Reis. studiomartareis.com/colecao-verao-2016/

2015 – production of the music show Dussek veste Machete, with Silvia Machete and artistic supervision by Eduardo Dussek.

2015 – coproduction of the exhibit for the Finnish artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila “Sobre assuntos desconhecidos, natureza dos milagres e possibilidades da percepção”, in partnership with Cisma Produções.

2014 – Rio de Janeiro production for The Designated Mourner by Wallace Shawn, with Wallace Shawn, Deborah Eisenberg and Larry Pine.

2013 to 2014 – production of Vampiras Lésbicas de Sodoma (Vampire Lesbians of Sodom), written by Charles Busch, an off-Broadway classic, translated, adapted into a musical and directed by Jonas Klabin, starring Marya Bravo and Thiago Chagas among the cast. Three times winner of the Prêmio Cenym (best supporting actor for Thiago Chagas, best cast, and best sound design and operation). Season in Rio de Janeiro and tours to Niterói and participation in the Festival de Teatro de São José do Rio Preto and the DulcinaVista Artistic Residency at Teatro Dulcina.

2013, production of the musical As mulheres de Grey Gardens – o musical (Grey Gardens the musical) based on the homonymous documentary, written by Doug Wright, composed by Scott Frankel and Lyrics by Michael Korie, directed by Wolf Maya, musical direction Carlos Bauzys, translated and adapted by Jonas Klabin, starring Soraya Ravenle, Suely Franco, among several others. Three times nominated to Prêmio Cesgranrio (Set design – Bia Junqueira, Light Design – Luiz Paulo Nenen, Supporting actress – Suely Franco), once nominated to Prêmio Shell (Actress – Suely Franco), three times nominated to Prêmio APTR (Set Design – Bia Junqueira, Supporting Actress – Suely Franco, and Production). The set design by Bia Junqueira was selected to participate of the Prague Quadrennial in 2015, representing Brazil.

2012 to 2015 – continued the Câmbio Artistic Residency, now responsible for the production and curating, and artistic programming of the Teatro Café Pequeno (in partnership with Cesar Augusto e André Vieira). www.cambio.art.br

2012 – production of a special show with John Cameron Mitchell and guests, singing songs from  Hedwig and the Angry Inch, followed by Mattachine party by DJs John Cameron Mitchell, PJ DeBoy, and Paul Dawson. www.hedwig.com.br

2012 – production of a seminar with Martin Sherman, author Bent, in Rio de Janeiro.

2012 – coproduction of the play O Desaparecimento do Elefante (The Elephant Vanishes and other stories) by Haruki Murakami, with runs in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, directed by Monique Gardenberg and Michele Matalon, starring Caco Ciocler, Maria Luisa Mendonça, Rafael Primot, André Frateschi, Marjorie Estiano, Felipe Abib, among other. Production: Gávea Filmes. Nominated and winner to several awards, including best production at  Prêmio APTR. www.gaveafilmes.com.br/o-desaparecimento-do-elefante/

2011 to 2012 – production of the State Tour for the music show Marya Bravo – de Pai para Filha.

2011 – coproduction of the play Inverno da Luz Vermelha (Red Light Winter) in partnership with Nós Outros Produções, during its first season in Rio de Janeiro, by Adam Rapp, directed by Monique Gardenberg and Michele Matalon, starring André Frateschi, Marjorie Estiano and Rafel Primot. Winner of best director (Monique Gardenberg) at Prêmio Contigo. Nominated for best set design and best actor at Prêmio Shell, and nominated for best director, best set design, best light design, and best supporting actor at Prêmio APTR.

2010 to 2011 – artistic residency project Câmbio (in partnership with Cesar Augusto, Tathiana Mourão and Diogo Liberano) of the Teatro Glaucio Gill, for they are nominated at Prêmio APTR in a special category. www.cambio.art.br

2010 to 2012 – production of the rock-musical Hedwig e o Centímetro Enfurecido (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), by John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask, directed by Evandro Mesquita, translated and adapted by Jonas Klabin, starring Paulo Vilhena, Pierre Baitelli and Felipe Carvalhido, four times nominated to Premio Arte Qualidade Brasil (best director, best actress in a musical, best production and winner of  best actor in a musical by Pierre Baitelli), two times nominated to Premio Shell (best actor and best music) and once nominated to Premio Contigo (best translation and adaptation). Seasons in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and tours to Curitiba and Fortaleza. www.hedwig.com.br

2010 – Tour for Brasileirinho – o Show, in Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro, this is a gathering of Brazilian choro, including musicians like Yamandú Costa, Trio Madeira Brasil, Teresa Cristina, Silvério Pontes, Henrique Cazes, Rui Alvim, and others. In partnership with Rob Digital.

2009 – Rio de Janeiro premiere of the Brazilian tour for DJ Stephane Pompougnac at Hotel Fasano, in partnership with Rob Digital.

Others (before oZ. existed)

2008 – Jonas Klabin was responsible for the production of the interactive and immersive play, Mistério na Mansão written and directed by himself.  Starring Marcos Oliveira and taking place inside the rooms of the Casa Museu Eva Klabin. The project was produced by Pequena Central de Produções Artísticas. www.pequenacentral.com/o-misterio-na-mansão.html

2007 to 2008 – Jonas Klabin was executive producer to the play O Bem Amado by Dias Gomes, starring Marco Nanini and the Cia. dos Atores, directed by Enrique Diaz, artistic production by Guel Arraes and produced by Fernando Libonati. The project was a production by Pequena Central de Produções Artísticas.  www.pequenacentral.com/obemamado.html

2006 – Jonas Klabin wrote directed and produced the interactive and immersive play, Mistério na Mansão: o caso do vaso perdido de Atlântida. The play took place inside the rooms of the Casa Museu Eva Klabin.



oZ. works in the different sectors of artistic and cultural production. We offer services in Development, Consulting, and Production for artistic and cultural projects, from its conception, development, formatting, government approval for tax benefits, production, administrative, budget control, accounting, and fund raising. We are specialist in the Lei do Audiovisual, FSA, at all processing levels of Ancine, Lei Rouanet, PROAC-SP, Lei do ICMS-RJ, Lei do ISS do Rio de Janeiro, public and private grants, etc.

You can count on oZ.’s specialised knowledge in fundraising, executive production, administrative and financial experience for any kind of cultural sponsorship. With third party services like these, you can concentrate on your artistic goals while oZ. cares for the details.


  • Content criation together with the candidate
  • Content analysis and adaptation towards project’s goals
  • Budget development and financial planning
  • Development of fundraising presentations
  • Artistic research and references


  • Federal – Lei Rouanet
  • State – ICMS RJ and PROAC-SP
  • Municipal – ISS RJ
  • ANCINE – every process, including registering companies, CPB application, CRT application, applying for grants, FSA, and direct Sponsoring, classification level, clearing resources, and proper orientation towards the use and accounting of government sponsored funds.


Assistance in formatting projects for grants and for raising funds through government sponsored resources. Grants like Petrobras, BNDES, Eletrobrás/Furnas, Oi, FSA, Natura, Itaú Cultural, Caixa Econômica, Fomento-RJ, CCBB, Correios, etc.


  • Assistance in the proper use of the government sponsored resources
  • Coordinate and execute timelines and budgets
  • Partial and final budget accounting
  • Assistance to reorganize projects that have presented their budget accounting in the wrong format


  • Orientation for planning and executing performance arts productions in general
  • Direction of performance arts productions
  • General administration
  • We have established partnerships with companies in Graphic Design, Marketing and Public Relations, Set Design, Light Design, Sound Design, Costume Design, etc.


Allowing its natural growth, oZ. is now amplifying its services to work also as a distribution company for film. We thus offer a one-stop shop where you can solve all your production problems in one place. oZ. Distribution is ready to distribute Brazilian and Foreign productions of feature, medium, and short length film and TV series in the entire national territory.